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  • [Q&A]

    • We have compiled a list of how to use RAD MARKET By BLACKMORAL, FAQ and answers. Please use this list to confirm.

      >> faq Page

  • [Regarding membership registration]

    • To purchase products, you must register as a member (free) with RAD MARKET. For users who have not completed their membership registration, services will be available for use after registration. (Pre registration of new membership registration is available before shopping.) *Fan club HERESY members will not be required to register with RAD MARKET.

  • [How to order]

    • Step1 :Within RAD MARKET, there are two memberships: the GazettE fan club HERESY members and RAD MARKET members.

      • <For fan club HERESY members>

        Enter your HERESY membership number and password to log in.

        <For RAD MARKET members>

        Enter your E-mail address and password to log in.

        * For first time users, please register from the “new member registration” page.

        After reading the terms & conditions, if you agree with the contents, please click on “agree and register”.

        * If you do not agree to the terms & conditions, you may not purchase products. Thank you for your understanding.

        After entering your order information from the membership registration page, advance to the “confirmation page” and complete your registration. After registering, please login. A membership service is a free service that allows users to conveniently shop.
        It has convenient functions such as eliminating the needs for entering information such as addresses every time you shop, as well as provides an order history.

    • Step2:Select a product from the product list.

      • When you click on a product image, you can confirm the product details, such as the product, quantity, and price.
    • Step3:Add to cart

      • When you have decided on a product, select the quantity and click “add to cart”, which then allows you to confirm the products, quantities, and prices of items in your cart. Data will be retained in the sight for a certain period of time. * The product image is for reference only. The color and shape of the actual product may differ. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Step4:ship to selected address

      • When you login, confirm the shipping address and click “ship to selected address”. * For fan club HERESY members, the shipping address will be the address registered with your HERESY account
    • Step5:Select a payment method and delivery time.

      • Furthermore, if there are any inquiries, feel free to enter them and click “next”.
    • Step6:Order Confirm

      • At the order confirmation screen of the contents, your purchase statement, shipping and handling fees will be automatically calculated to provide a total amount (tax included). After final confirmation, click “next”. * For those who have selected convenience store settlement, select a convenience store of your choice, and click “settlement at the selected convenience store”. After completing your order, you will be notified of the convenience store settlement information. When the order complete screen is displayed, your order has arrived at the RAD MARKET By BLACKMORAL site.
    • Step7:Order confirmation

      • When you complete your order, an order confirmation E-mail will be sent to your registered E-mail address, and your order is complete. The order confirmation E-mail is sent automatically, so depending on your spam filter, you may not receive the E-mail. If you do not receive the E-mail, there are errors in the content, or you would like to edit the content, please contact us via the inquiry form.
    • * Cautionary notices
      Products are available while supplies last. We ask for your understanding if stocks run out. Furthermore, depending on the product, there may be a purchasing limit. Thank you for your understanding.
      * Cancellations and changes are not accepted regardless if the product has not been shipped yet. When purchasing, please confirm the contents thoroughly to prevent any mistakes.
  • [Regarding payments]

    • Credit card payment only. Please see the following.

      • 【Credit card】 Usable credit cards are JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, and DINERS.
  • [Payment deadline]

    • Credit Card Payment

      • The store follows the method of your credit card company. The store cancels an order when an error occurs during a payment procedure. Please re-try a purchase. Dead line for a returning purchased goods As a general rule, the store cannot accept any returned or exchanged request. However, Please contact us from the contact form when you receive different or defective product from an order by a mistake. Also, Please note if the item is sent back by address deficiencies, receipt refusal, or an absenteeism, we will not cancel or re-delivery the purchased products.
  • [Regarding shipping]

      It depends on the product, so please confirm the information described in the product page.
      ■Preorder products Products designated as “preorder product” have a predetermined delivery scheduled date. Please confirm the delivery date in the product details.